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 My daughter was the son you wanted! ( Tudors)

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MessageSujet: My daughter was the son you wanted! ( Tudors)   Jeu 15 Sep - 11:15:52

My daughter is the son you wanted!

1588, a few moments after Elizabeth learnt she had just won against the spanish armada. Heaven.

All the old and dead members of the Court were here. Henry, Catherine of Aragon, Mary, Edward, Jane, Lord Hertford, George Boleyn, his father, Mark Smeaton, Charles Bradon, his first wife Margaret, Cromwell, Cranmer, Chapuys, Francis I, Charles V ... Almost everybody. They saw how Elizabeth defeated the « army of god », how people of England loved her and were proud, considering this victory far more greater than Azincourt. They were all stunned. All except ine lady who was always convinced that Elizabeth would be a great queen. She was laughing happily, so proud of her beloved Bessie, she was about to cry.

' What did I always tell you Henry, when you died? Elizabeth was the son you were longing for! Look at the « true » son you had, he is now with you and he did just a few things for England, History will forget him but Elizabeth has just entered in History! England's best monarch was not a boy but a girl you bastardized! The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth Tudor, daughter of King Henry VIII and of Anne Boleyn! She will become a legacy and it is only God's will!'

Henry did not know what to answer. Of course, he was damn proud of Elizabeth! But facing Anne's sharpness, he just became wordless.

' If God have granted this victory to Elizabeth, that means that she is your true heir, that I was your true wife! All of you, look at yourself! You always called me « la putain Boleyn » and my Elizabeth « the brat »! You were always in favor of Mary and Edward! Look at you! What did they do for England? Edward, almost nothing and Mary lost Calais and entered in History under the charming surname of « Bloody Mary »! All that when my Elizabeth will be always worshiped through centuries and millenias! You have lost the game, milords and miladies of the Court of Henry VIII! I was the true Queen of England and Elizabeth the true heir of teh throne!' My daughter was the son you wanted Henry!'

Anne was trully thrilled. She was so proud of Elizabeth and somehow she had her revenge thanks to her. Her daughter was the true prince of England, the son England longed for and not the sickly little Eddie from the Seymour or the Spanish princess Mary.

Elizabeth Tudor.

The Virgin Queen.

Her daughter.
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My daughter was the son you wanted! ( Tudors)
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