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 If only I could be ( Tudors S4 E2)

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MessageSujet: If only I could be ( Tudors S4 E2)   Jeu 15 Sep - 11:14:17

If only I could be

Chapuys always loved Lady Mary. How could it be otherwise? He served her mother first and her daughter was just like her. The Christendom's Rose. Lady Mary never gave up, she was strong, kind, caring, loveable. She submitted once though, because of the threat upon her life. She signed the Oath but asked for the Pope's forgiveness. She was an example of virtue for every woman at Court and Chapuys wished they followed her. She even loved the harlot's bastard, saying she saw only in her the fact she had her father's blood so she was her sister and she always praised her intelligence. But tonight, Lady Mary was broken, because of a silly teenager who was not worthy of the title of the Queen of England, because of her father's negligence about her future. So chapuys was here, comforting her, speaking english but also spanish, Catherine of Aragon's first language, the one who had the power to make her smile.

Chapuys respected the king, he always did but tonight, he could not help wishing he was lady Mary's father.

He would have made her « Happy Mary ».
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If only I could be ( Tudors S4 E2)
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